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Download iTunes M4V Rentals and Purchases

iTunes M4V Converter, as a professional iTunes converter, can help Windows users download iTunes purchased movies, TV shows and music videos. In this case, you can enjoy your iTunes videos on any of your devices, and even you can keep iTunes rentals forever on your devices.

Note: To download Apple Music tracks, you can try Apple Music Converter.

TuneCable Apple Music Converter
convert to audio formats

Extract MP3/AAC Audio from iTunes M4V Videos

  • NoteBurner Video Converter can convert iTunes M4V videos to multiple video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, SWF and FLV, etc.
  • It can also extract audio from iTunes M4V movies, TV shows and music videos. In this case, you can import the converted audio to your devices for listening on the go.

Convert at a fast Speed & Keep Lossless Output Quality

  • Convert iTunes movies and TV shows a fast, which is far faster than any other video converters. You can convert a 2-hour movie to plain formats within 20 minutes.
  • Provide options like "Same as source for MP4" and "Same as source for MOV" to help you convert the iTunes videos with zero loss quality.
fast conversion speed
keep subtitles

Keep All Subtitles and Audio Tracks, Including 5.1 Audio & AD Track

  • Keep Dolby AC3 5.1 audio track while converting the iTunes M4V videos to "Same as source for mp4" or "Same as source for mov", which gives users better listening experience while watching the converted video.
  • Multilingual subtitles / closed caption and all audio tracks (including audio description) of iTunes videos can also be saved with this powerful software.

Keep Up To Date & Free Upgrade

Keep Up With the Latest OS and iTunes Version

  • We promise that we will always update our program to keep up to date with the latest version of iTunes and Windows OS.

Enjoy Free Update

  • Once purchasing the program, you can enjoy every upgrades and updates for free.
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